Mango Tango & Iruskha Catteries
Distinctive breeders of Regional-National winning and
loving companion Ocicats for over 20 years combined
  1. Breeder Profiles
    Patty Arnold and Cathy Kennedy are active breeders and proudly show Ocicats throughout the United States.
  2. Ocicat Distinction
    Ocicats are not wild animals and are originally bred from Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair cats. They come 12 color variations. Chocolate spotted is the most common. In the cat world they are "dog like" due to their high level of intelligence and trainability. Their coat is short and close lying and shed very little. This powerful, athletic, yet graceful spotted cat is particularly noted for its "wild" appearance.
  3. Awards
    Mango Tango & Iruskha Catteries have the distinction of winning regionally and nationally. Our cats also have Regional wins in Agility.
MangoTango & Iruskha Catteries
Patty Arnold and Cathy Kennedy
Patty Arnold and Cathy Kennedy are  located in Southern Florida and have Regional-National Winning cats and kittens.   They originally operated separately, but found that together they make a powerful combination in striving for perfection in this lovely breed.  
Mango Tango - Iruskha Catteries operates out of Ft Myers, Florida and has been  breeding Ocicats for over 20 years combined.  They home raise their kittens and place them in both show and pet homes.  Patty and Cathy are active in the show ciruit and would be happy to meet you should you stop by to see their lovely cats.
I visited Patty & Cathy at several cat shows and at their cattery.  I loved the kittens so much, I adopted two.  The kittens have been home a few weeks and have me trained already!
Linda Goodspeed
Meet Cathy
Meet Patty
My love of cats as a breeder and exhibitor stems from my 25 years experience showing and breeding various dog breeds.  Iruskha is an Indian word meaning, "The Fire Within"...This depicts my passion for breeding and showing Ocicats.
I have loved cats since childhood, but fell in love with the Ocicat Breed in the late '90's.  Showing became my passion along with striving to breed the "perfect" Ocicat.